Vivo TWS Neo earbuds confirmed, provide low latency and will arrive on 1st June, soon in India

Today (22nd May 2020), Vivo confirmed the launch of its upcoming truly wireless earbuds, the Vivo TWS Neo. They will be unveiled on 1st June 2020 and feature low latency, which is a highly appreciated feature in the wireless category.

The hearables were confirmed online through the company’s official Weibo account for its smart products, a Chinese microblogging website.

In the teaser post, the tech giant promised two features. The first was high quality and good audio out and the second was lower latency. For those unaware, wireless earphones, while convenient, are plagued at times with issues like latency and audio delay, especially when streaming videos. This occurs mainly in True wireless earbuds and sometimes make them unusable for intensive tasks like gaming.

With the inclusion of lower latency, this would mark a great improvement over Vivo’s original TWS earbuds that launched before. The Vivo TWS Neo sports an AirPod like design for its earbuds with an elongated portion that will house the mic, while the charging case is more rounded and oval in shape. Stay tuned for the launch event.

After the launch in China on 1st June, It will soon launch in India.

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