Samsung 657 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator Price in India

Samsung 657 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator  (Gentle Black Matt, RS74T5F01B4/TL)

Price:- Rs 1,96,990

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  • 657 L: Good for large families

  • Digital Inverter Compressor

  • Frost Free: Auto fridge defrost to stop ice-build up

Short Description

The Samsung RS74T5F01B4/TL is a high-end Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator that features multiple innovative technologies to change your home dining and entertainment experience. Apart from keeping your food items fresh for a long time, this home appliance lets you watch TV, play music, browse the Internet, and even make and receive calls. Using various features, such as the Family Board, Morning Brief, and Memo, To-do, and Gallery, you can personalize your refrigerator.


Food Management The Family Hub features built-in cameras to let you sneak a peek inside this refrigerator using your smartphone from anywhere, anytime. You can also synchronize shopping lists and purchase groceries.

Create a Family Board You can share messages, news, family moments, and even videos on the Family Board of this appliance. You can use the home screen or your compatible smartphone to display photos, videos, post stickers, type or write notes, draw pictures, add a music player, etc.

Morning Brief The Morning Brief shows the weather report, reminders, and your personal calendar entries on the screen of the fridge. The New Bixby voice recognition of this refrigerator identifies who is speaking and shows the relevant information.

Calendar You will not miss any important occasion, thanks to the Calendar feature of this refrigerator. You can also share as well as check the schedules of other family members. It lets you update entries on this fridge or from your smartphone, then synchronize your schedules with your Google and Microsoft 365 calendars.

The memo, To-do, and Gallery You can use the Memo, To-do, and Gallery Apps to share tasks, lists of chores, memos, instructions, schedules, photos, and even upload as well as play video clips. The screen gets activated when anyone is nearby.

SmartView App to Watch Shows You can watch TV shows and/or online content on this refrigerator, thanks to the SmartView App. With a widget, you can launch live streaming as well as social media apps on this home appliance. You can also see what is showing on any compatible Samsung smart TV in your home as well as view and control various apps on your smartphone.

Spotify/TuneIn You can cook while listening to your favorite music and also entertain your guests by playing your Spotify playlist. You can also enjoy listening to TuneIn content on this Samsung fridge.

Access Internet With this refrigerator, you can browse the Internet without your smartphone or PC. The embedded Browser of this home appliance lets you check your social media accounts, news, and much more. You can create your own shortcuts on the Home Screen of this refrigerator or save links to your favorite websites.

Recipes and Meal Planner The Recipes App uses artificial intelligence and food profiling to offer you recipes to help you cook delicious meals for your family. Also, a Weekly Meal Planner offers daily meal suggestions as per your likes and what food you have in the fridge.

Shopping List Using the Shopping List App, you can plan your meals and food purchase schedule. You can add items to your shopping list using your voice or touch. You can also synchronize this list with your phone to quickly look at it when you go shopping.

New Bixby With the New Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can set alarms and get recipe suggestions through voice commands. It also adapts to your learning needs, your routine, and your preferences.

Bluetooth Call You can attend as well as make calls while cooking even without your smartphone. You can connect this refrigerator to your smartphone using Bluetooth and make and receive calls.

Samsung SpaceMax Technology This Samsung technology uses high-efficiency insulation to make the walls thinner so that you can neatly arrange food to keep them fresh for a long time. This technology also creates a large storage space without increasing the size of this appliance.

Built-in Look The integrated design, along with a premium built, makes it an elegant home appliance. Furthermore, the flat doors, a minimal dispenser, and recessed handles add to its convenience and style.

Digital Inverter Technology Thanks to its Digital Inverter Technology, this appliance consumes less energy, makes a low noise, and lasts for a long time. The compressor adjusts its speed automatically as per the cooling needs for energy-efficient performance.

Ice and Water Dispenser You can conveniently and effortlessly dispense ice or chilled water using this Ice and Water Dispenser. So, you do not need to open the door of the fridge or freezer to get ice or cold water.

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