Dishwasher To Buy or Not, All Queries Answered

Why Should You need/buy a Dishwasher?

1. Better Cleaning

Clean the difficult to reach nooks and corners of your utensils effortlessly compared to manual wash.

2. Germ Prevention

Sponges are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and quickly become contaminated after even the first use. DW gives most hygienic wash as it cleans utensils at 70°C and kills 99.99% germs and bacteria to ensure a hygienic wash.

3. Takes care of your hand

The influence of dish-washing synthetic detergent on human skin makes your hands dry and pale.

4. Saves MONEY and TIME

On average a dishwasher uses 12 liters of water per cycle vs. 50-60 L per wash cycle in case of handwashing, This means a family of 4 could save on average 40-45 liters of water per load by using a dishwasher. You even pay less for your electricity bill as it uses 1KW- 2.5 kWh of energy per wash.

5. Zero Breakage

Least possibility of breaking your favorite pair of cups or plates.

6. Reduce Dependency on Maid

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1. Freestanding Dishwashers

Worried about space to fit a Dishwasher? Say hi to Free Standing Dishwashers for complete flexibility, you can place it anywhere you like, with no compromise inconvenient loading and optimum cleaning results

2. Customized for Indian utensils

Dishwashers specially designed with

Intensive Kadhal program which class and dry oily and masala stained kadhai, pressure cooker, stainless steel utensils,


It fits in the average Indian utensils such as Kadhai, Cooker, etc.

3. Wash Programs

Specified wash programs to suit your needs such as-Intensive Kadhal -

Perfected for Indian Utensils, Express Sparkle - Saves Time; Half Load-font fewer utensils, Jet washer mode- Fast and efficient, Steam drying option

utensils look all new and fresh

4. Foldable/Adjustable Racks

Features such as adjustable/Foldable racks are available to accommodate your tall glasses, small cups, big pans, cutlery, and utensils of all sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it fit in my kitchen?

We have Dishwashers in different shapes and sizes, requiring a little space as 60 cm width

2. Does it remove hard stains of masala and oil?

We have a selection of dishwashers especially customized for Indian kitchen, with powerful sprays of high hot water pressure which can remove hard masala and oil stains.

3. Can we use it for Indian utensils like Kadhai and Tawa, etc.?

There are Dishwashers designed as per Indian utensils shapes and sizes, it can hold your Kadhais, tawas, pots, pans and still have space for your plates, spoons, and glassware

4. How much electricity does it consume?

Dishwashers come in different sizes which have multiple modes, making it a highly energy-efficient appliance that uses only 1-2.5KWH of energy per wash, which is way less than if you've used warm water(heating cost associated with it) to hand wash your dishes!

5. How much Water does the dishwasher consume?

The dishwasher can wash 8 place settings of your utensils in only an hour, therefore, you will conserve water with this new appliance, and your bill will be reduced(varies from 9.5-25 L water consumption vs, hand wash 50-60L).

6. Can dishwashers clean Indian Masala stains?

It can easily clean all types of Masala, oil stains, and greasy food residue. You can also set its temperature from 45°C to 70°C depending on how dirty your dishes are.

7. It can’t scrub the dishes like how I do with my hands?

Its powerful spray arms remove all the stubborn Masala and oil stains with high water pressure giving you a highly effective wash.

8. If we have to pre-rinse the dishes before putting in, what’s the use?

You don’t have to pre-rinse the dishes. All you have to do is just scrape off the leftovers from the dishes and load them in.

9. Do dishwashers have the space for my Kadhai and other large utensils?

With two baskets, it can hold your Kadhais, pots, pans, and still have space for your plates, spoons, and glassware.

10. How much time does it take to wash dishes?

Loading a dishwasher takes only 10 min, and your work is done. And at this time, it not only cleans your dishes but also dries them. VarioSpeed shortens the wash cycle by half, saving you precious time for leisure.

11. How much space does the dishwasher take? Fill it fit my kitchen?

The dishwasher fits perfectly into any Indian kitchen, requiring space of only 60 cm width. So no more dirty dishes stacked in the sink.

12. How much electricity does it consume?

It is highly energy-efficient and uses only 1 kW of energy for each wash.

13. Is it hygienic to wash baby bottles in dishwashers?

Its 70°C temperature wash kills up to 99.9% germs and is suitable for hygienically cleaning baby bottles as well.

14. Do the dishes need to be taken out if there’s a power failure?

There’s no need for that as it continues washing from where it left.

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