Best Gaming Phone In India 2020

Gaming phones are selected by keeping following things in mind:-

1. Powerful Internals


   To play the latest games like PUBG on their full potential, you should prefer phones with powerful internals. Also, Phones must must be packed with larger amount of RAM, so that your device can handle other task and let you play games freely. Processors must be equipped with great GPU to handle the intense graphics easily.

2. Cooling Mechanism

    Long Hours of gaming can heat-up your phone very drastically, so that smartphones must be equipped with internal cooling mechanism.In most of the gaming phones, you will find a liquid cooling system or vapour chamber mechanism that keeps the device temperature under check. Smartphones companies also uses heat pipes to reduce temperature.

3.Great Display

   To enjoy the graphics of the games, your phone must have great display. It also must have more than 6 inches of screen. Full HD+ screen is the necessity of a gaming phone.The slimmer bezels of the game also helps you to enjoy the game.

One most important factor to choose your gaming phone is Screen Refresh Rate. Higher the screen refresh rate, more smooth your gameplay will be.Its always good to have a Amoled screen over LCD to have better contrast and colours.

4. Battery Life

   One of the main highlight of a gaming phone is its battery.Gaming phones must be equipped with high capacity of battery. 4000mah or higher battery capacity is considered good for a gaming phone. Only the big capacity is not required , but you should also check for the charging speed of the phone and charger provided.

Here is the list of best Gaming Phones:-

1. Black Shark 2

Display    :-   6.39 inch

Ram         :-  6GB/12GB

Capacity  :-  128GB/256GB

Processor :- Snapdragon 855

Cameras :- 48+12Mp, 20Mp

Battery  :-     5000mah

Charger   :-   18W

Weight     :-   205gm

Price       :-   Rs 30000

Other     :- Rs 20000 in Sale

2. Asus ROG Phone II

Display    :-  6.59 inch,Amoled

Ram         :-  8GB

Capacity  :-  128GB

Processor :- Snapdragon 855+

Cameras :-  48+13Mp, 24Mp

Battery  :-     6000mah

Charger   :-  30W

Weight     :-  240gm

Price         :-  Rs 35000

Other     :- RGB, Stereo Sound

3. Nubia Redmagic 3S

Display    :-  6.65 inch,Amoled,90Hz

Ram         :-  8GB

Capacity  :-  128GB

Processor :-  Snapdragon 855+

Cameras :-   48Mp, 13Mp

Battery  :-     5000mah

Charger   :-  Quick Charge

Weight     :-  215gm

Price         :-  Rs 36000

Other       :-  240Hz Touch Response

4. Redmi K20 Pro 

Display    :-  6.39 inch, Amoled

Ram         :-  6GB

Capacity  :-  128GB

Processor :-  Snapdragon 855

Cameras :-   48+13+8Mp, 20Mp

Battery  :-    4000mah

Charger   :-  27W

Weight     :-  191gm

Price         :-  Rs 27000

Other    :- In display Fingerprint


5. Poco F1

Display    :-  6.18 inch

Ram         :-  8GB

Capacity  :-  256GB

Processor :-  Snapdragon 845

Cameras :-  12+5Mp, 20Mp

Battery  :-  4000mah

Charger  :- Quick Charge 3.0

Weight     :- 181gm

Price         :-  Rs 18000

Other       :-  Liquid Cooling

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